La Garçon - Lichtontwerp

Bart Rijnink

Voor de EP release La Garçon in de Vondelkerk, te Amsterdam, het lichtontwerp gemaakt.

the laGarçon_unDrEssed3+ threesome exists of Roralje Ruun (guitar, bass, synth, vocals), Bart Rijnink (synths/keys, live-beats, vocals) and Eva Laurenssen (samples, synths, vocals).

We’re laGarçon*, tnx for checking us out, we’re a band from Amsterdam, we play our typical musicstyle “NouveauBourgeoisie” which is R&B meets R&P meets Tony’s Nephew. Yeah. Check us out on youtube and on facebook. I tend to play on a Yamaha Reface CP of which I just created a Keytar version, which is pretty cool. PLUS: we wear fashionable clothes. How cool is that. We’re also on Spotify, you should check us out, type in: la Garçon and you’ll get there. Itunes has also got us in their database.